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Romanzapk Square Tissue Box Cover for Tissues Cube Box – Perfect for Using as Car Tissue Holder, Tissue Box Holder for Home, and Office – Tissue Box Cover Square

(43 customer reviews)


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  • STYLISH AND ELEGANT STORAGE: Dress square tissue box up with this stylish cover, the clean, minimal, and modern design is perfect for home and commercial use. An ideal solution to hide unsightly tissue box and complement your interior setting at the same time.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: The whole set is made of premium quality PU leather which can be folded and restored to its original shape. Just wipe the tissue box dispenser with wet cloth for easy cleaning.
  • PERFECT SIZE: Measuring 5″ x 5″ x 5″ in size and featuring with square shape, the cube tissue storage box will accommodate most of popular tissue boxes and can be conveniently placed in any room in your house or office.
  • EASY TO REFILL: Open bottom design for easy replacement of empty tissue boxes, just open the velcro belt at the bottom and replace the empty tissue box.
  • VARIOUS COLOR OPTIONS: Designed with different colors to meet your different needs for decoration. Also a great gift idea for the one you love and brighten up the space right away.
  • PERFECT FOR ANY ROOM: Perfect for end tables, countertops, nightstands, vanities, and other desks; Used in kitchen, family room, living room, craft room, toilet, and more; Perfect for house, apartment, condo, dorms, cars, RVs and campers.

43 reviews for Romanzapk Square Tissue Box Cover for Tissues Cube Box – Perfect for Using as Car Tissue Holder, Tissue Box Holder for Home, and Office – Tissue Box Cover Square

  1. Avatar


    Great product very sturdy and good quality I really like the snaps it has at the bottom to hold tissue box from falling out.

  2. Ariel Garcia

    Ariel Garcia

    This is a well made tissue box cover. It slips over the tissue box perfectly. The only downside is sometimes when you pull out a tissue the cover comes up with it, so you have to push it back down. Hope this was helpful!

  3. Jessica Leigh

    Jessica Leigh

    Cute, fits tissue box well.
    Fun way to make your tissue box a little more classy and stylish! Fits a square tissue box very well and looks very nice!

  4. Yas


    Nice and functional tissue cover that fits perfectly with a square Kleenex box. However, it has a strange imprint of a shopping cart and the brand name on one side of the cover. Why the shopping cart imprint?

  5. Avatar

    2 cute

    If was ok!

  6. Mollie


    Great material – it feels super high end
    Really nice material, its very soft pleather. The way it has the studs on the bottom is really smart. This is a much better design than the versions that have the velcro strap at the bottom. Very happy with it!

  7. Avatar


    This tissue box cover works perfectly and is easy to use. I never understood the use of them until I saw them at my doctor’s office. Why have several different changing patterns according to the whim of the manufacturer? I much prefer a solid color (in my case the white) that matches my decor. In addition, the synthetic fabric can be wiped clean to keep it antiseptic, just what you want in a tissue box. This is great value for money and highly recommended.

  8. Kiki23


    Looks good in my bathroom. Tissue box fit well. The cart logo thing looks funny so I flip it around.

  9. Avatar



  10. Avatar


    Nice Looking Tissue Box Cover.
    This is a great value-for-money tissue box cover because it has a white leather look that simulates the look of tissue boxes that are a lot more expensive to purchase. The material used is high-quality white faux leather which is soft and stylish. The shape of the cover fits easily over standard-sized tissue boxes such as Kleenex. The shopping cart icon on one side is odd but easily hidden. Overall, this is a great-looking design addition to my bathroom.

  11. Avatar


    The leather quality feels great! It’s a nice, decorative touch to elevate any rom. It even has clasps on the bottom to secure the tissue box inside! I never thought of a tissue box cover before and I’m so glad I ordered it, I like it a lot and will be getting more.

  12. Leanne


    Nice quality.
    I got this to cover a tissue box on my desk, and it looks nice and works well.

  13. Avatar


    Love it!

    I’ve never been a fan of the cardboard tissue boxes, but this cover not only disguises the box it elevates the look. It is made from pleather but doesn’t look cheap.

  14. Mia


    Great price!
    I’ve been looking for one of these for several months and never find one I like for under $12 USD. I LOVE THIS case!! No issues with it, it unfolded well and any wrinkles disappeared quickly.

  15. Avatar

    Jonathan O

    Good quality for a box cover

    Classic look for a simple tissue box. The buttons on the bottom ensure it doesn’t become seperated. And the color is genuine, will be getting more of these for other rooms!

  16. Avatar


    Looks nice, works well.
    A simple, white cover for a square cardboard tissue box, and it’s exactly what it should be. Fits perfectly and snaps on the bottom to ensure it stays put.

  17. Teddie Valentine

    Teddie Valentine

    Upgrades your bathroom to a new level of elegance

    Love this thing. Didn’t know I needed it until I came across it. I’ve always hidden the tissue box in a cabinet but it’s inconvenient to reach in there for a tissue every time. Now I can proudly place my tissue box on the vanity!

    This thing is well-made and high quality, looks like something that belongs in an expensive hotel room. Definitely upped my bathroom game. Looks expensive, so well worth the price.

  18. Avatar


    Looks better than it works.

    This looks exactly like the pictures. It covers the tissue box well and looks very nice. However, and this is important, it is difficult to now get a tissue out of the box. The opening is so tight it grabs and tears the tissues into small pieces as you pull and pull to get a tissue out. This is not the best design. When in a hurry to grab a tissue for any of a multitude of reasons, a tissue torn into small pieces is not much use. It looks good, but practically is only really good to look at, not use.

    EDIT: Now that it has set in the house and had a chance to settle, it is working much better. It does not tear the tissues and each one comes out whole. It still looks much better than a plain box of tissues and now.

  19. Avatar


    just as pictured, has a base

    I really like that unlike other tissue box covers, this one has a bottom. It has two flaps that botton to each other preventing the flaps from coming open. I really like this feature because it makes it easier to move the entire tissue box and cover around the house if needed without the additional hassle. I wish they had more color options. Five stars from me!

  20. Avatar


    Nice-looking tissue box cover made of durable materil

    This is a cute square-tissue box cover. It is made of faux leather but has a leather-like texture to it. It is not just a cover, but actually completely encloses a square-tissue box with buttons underneath. I use this in the bathroom since its color goes well with our decor. It is much nicer than having tissue boxes that come in multiple colors that do not go with the decor. The material is very durable and will last forever since it just covers tissue boxes. If you want to hide those gaudy tissue boxes, this cover will do the job!

  21. Avatar



  22. Avatar



  23. Avatar



    Nice design and colors
    Material quality is decent

    Product works well as intended
    Dispense/extraction of tissue is smooth.

    Price is not too bad

    Overall, its decent and gets the job done in style.
    I don’t have any complaints about it.

  24. Avatar


    Hides ugly tissues

    It’s a perfect size for a roll of toilet paper. I remove the cardboard core and pull the toilet paper from the middle. It’s great for my makeup desk where I like to use toilet paper like tissues to wipe excess lipstick off, clean brushes etc.

    The bottom is completely closed off so you can pick it up and move it around with worrying about tissues falling out. You can definately use square tissue boxes with it as well.

    It ships flat so you do need to puff it out a bit and give it a few days to firm it’s cube shape.

  25. Avatar

    That Girl with the Grey Floors

    Sleek look
    Soft leather-like fabric, secure snap enclosure and looks elegant while functional. I love it!

  26. Avatar


    Great Quality.
    Really good quality. The bottom is fully covered unlike similar products available. The white is a true white, no yellow or pink undertones. Great price and fast delivery.

  27. NW


    Great little tissue box cover

    It has a nice soft leather like feel and look and I personally love the white colour…goes with the rest of my house decor..and slips on easy and snaps into place. Great little upgrade to typical tissue box 👌🏽No complaints

  28. Avatar



  29. Avatar


    Nice looking aesthetic piece

    The square tissue box cover is a stylish piece that will look good in the washroom, living room, or anywhere else around the house. It is made of a thick leather so its durability is pretty high and the bottom part comes with attachment pieces so you can securely close the cover without worry of the tissue box falling out.

    The box leather though is a bit stiff and does not engulf the inner tissue box as nicely as anticipated. As seen in the picture, it will take some time to break the leather in as you can see the thick crease lines that were made when packaged.

    Overall, although it does not enhance any functionality, this is a nice looking piece to cover your tissue box if looking to spruce up the room.

  30. Avatar


    Nice looking and good quality

    This little faux leather tissue box cover is great for aesthetics to hide your ugly tissue boxes. This is not a regular size tissue box cover, it is sized for the smaller square boxes, not the regular rectangular ones which is important to note when buying.
    The material is very soft and flexible, its not super tight over the box but keeps its form nicely and keeps the ugly tissue box out of site. It fit in perfectly with the aesthetic of our living room.

  31. Avatar



    It’s meant to make a tissue box (square, which in some areas are less common than the rectangular versions), look a bit more tidy and luxe. However, possibly because of the way it was packaged and delivered, some creases became permanent, and due to the material, is hard to iron out or flatten. Therefore, the overall look seems to be more unkempt and wrinkly.

  32. Avatar


    Good quality.

    My car Kleenex boxes always get destroyed because I have so much random stuff in my center console. This cover is great quality. It’s pleather so it’s easy to clean and holds the box well. The hole at the top is fairly wide so there’s no issue when pulling a tissue out. I love that it has the button clips on the bottom as this helps keep the box inside very secure.

    This is intended for use in a car. I wouldn’t recognize it for use on a flat surface because of the buttons on the bottom. Also as you can see it arrives folded down so it’s not really a solid firm shape on its own so it may not hold well on a table.

  33. Avatar


    Sleek and modern look

    I bought this style because the 4 snaps on the bottom looked better than the thin strip other brands offered. Now my funky patterned tissue boxes are concealed by this leather textured cover. I love it!

  34. Avatar



  35. Avatar


    Classy and simple tissue box

    Goodbye dollar store paper tissue boxes, and hello to a simple and elegant. This leather-like tissue box cover has transformed the boring tissue boxed into somatic chic that fits the aesthetic of my room. It is super easy to just put the box in; I have no complaints.

  36. Avatar


    Tissue box upgrade

    I wanted something that looked a bit nicer than the regular cardboard tissue boxes and this is a good option. The cover fits perfectly over the square boxes and it’s got a simple, clean look that goes well in any room even though it’s faux leather. If you got greasy hands from you hands and accidentally got some on the cover, it’s all good because you just need a quick wipe and it’s good as new. All in all, it’s a nice little touch if you’re looking to spruce up an ordinary tissue box.

  37. Avatar

    Books All Around

    Good quality…so much better than having to see the gaudy tissue box designs!

    This Faux Leather tissue box cover is nicely made. Looks and feels good. I love the simple aesthetic. Great visual improvement over the gaudy tissue box designs. FYI, the snap flaps on the bottom are optional—if you leave them folded into the holder, they apply enough tension to hold the tissue box securely in place. Very happy. May order another one to have a matching set…and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to family and friends.

  38. Avatar


    Nice simple upgrade

    I like the simple style of this tissue box holder – it fits in anywhere. It’s great that there’s a bottom, so you can easily move it around. The material feels sturdy and easy to clean. Once the folds relax, it’ll be even nicer.

  39. Avatar


    Cover up your tissue box

    Covers up your tissue box, so it doesn’t look as unsightly

  40. Avatar


    Clean design

    This tissue box cover is a clean design and easy to slip over the top of the box. When not in use, it collapses a bit, but that is to be expected and I don’t mind.

  41. Avatar


    Nice clean look

    A very easy to use tissue holder made out of faux/vegan leather. Simple and clean look. I also like that the brand is debossed and not so big, so that it is subtle and does not distract the look of this tissue holder. The base has 2 flaps with snap buttons to lock in the tissue box but even if you don’t use them, the felt like underside of the faux leather will hold the box securely and it will unlikely to fall out anyway. I wish this comes in a larger size to fit the regular rectangular tissue boxes. The small squares tissues are expensive and it gets finished very quickly.

  42. Avatar


    Simple design; quality material; looks great and I love it

    I ordered this to use for my tissue at work because I don’t go thru a lot of tissue there and the smaller boxes are more expensive.

    The cover looks very high end with the subtle logo design, clean lines, beau real color and faux leather texture. The material is thick and the seams are well done. The faux leather is easy to wipe down and clean if needed.

    I am very happy with this item and want to order more in diffeerent colors. It would also be nice to have this for regular sized tissue boxes. 👍🏻

  43. Avatar

    Another Boring Couple

    Fits cube tissue boxes

    Looks nice and fits regular cubes tissue boxes, which is nice because I still have Christmas tissue boxes that I can use because it covers the box completely, even on the bottom. It has a snap closure on the bottom so that even the bottom of the box is covered.
    When you’re not using the cover, you can even fold it and put it away so you don’t need almost any room to store it.
    Very easy to change out the boxes.
    Love the plain white colour, goes with any decor and anytime of the year. The textured material is nice because it elevates it and it doesn’t look cheap.
    Even makes a great gift, especially as a house warming present.

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